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Monday, September 7, 2015

Quick Flash - Mikkellar's Bar

I am going to try a little something different and we will see how it works. I am going to do a quick write up on place I tried last night and then come back to it with a longer write up. Let me know how well this is received.

Last night was my last night in the Bay Area and I had been saving a pub for just such in occasion. I drove over to San Francisco, parked, and walked to Mikkeller's Bar. It is a very special bar, as far as I am concerned, because a good portion of the bar's make-up is not available to bigger Eastern bars. Hell, I don't think it is available in many bigger Western bars, either.

The beers for the evening consisted of the follows:

Mini-Separation Anxiety - Berryessa Brewing Company
Beavertown XXX - Evil Twin Brewing
Betelgeuze - Mikkeller
Mexas Ranger - Mikkeller
Black Hole - Mikkeller

Erica, who was my Mikkeller representative for the evening, was really helpful and informative. She made the process of going through the beer much easier and she get a thumbs up.

If you have not tried it, Mikkeller's Bar is the place to go. On the edge of the Tenderloin, it is warm and friendly.


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