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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcome to Jolly Good Fellows

Over the last year I have tossed around the idea of setting up a blog about beer. At first I toyed with writing reviews on types of beer and ales that I tried from the book, 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die, but I soon realized there was a whole lot more to say. (Plus there are many fine and established review sites already on the internet; is one of my favorites.)

The blog that we envision here at Jolly Good Fellows is about beer as a pillar of civilization, a conversation topic, a lubricant for the social engine of progress, a beverage that is worth holding up, analyzing, defending if necessary, and above all enjoying. Heady stuff, but worthwhile for a beverage that has been with us for over 10,000 years. As beer drinkers we are living in a renaissance. (Be advised readers of this blog will be subject to occasional hyperbole) New breweries are springing up everywhere and the styles produced only limited by the bounds of imagination (and the realities of budget.)

American beer drinkers, whether they realize it or not, have never had the selection available they do now. While America has only recently matched the pre-Prohibition levels in brewery numbers, modern transport and refrigeration allow us to have a selection never before possible. Toss in the fact that beer is breaking through its own class barrier we now have a beverage that is reinventing itself again right in front of our eyes.

What you can expect as readers and members of the commentariat is a blog that is a mishmash and hodgepodge of commentary, reviews, history, events (both current and calendar), stories, half baked experiments, suggestions, and anything else that we can tie in with beer, all served up with equal parts of exaggeration and understatement.

Over the next few days we will square this joint away and get settled. So pull up a stool, grab a pint and join us. We’re glad you are here. 

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