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Monday, November 21, 2011

Beer links!

Links brought to you by Beer and Turkey this week!

This is our first weekly link dump with a small portion of the latest and greatest in the beer world.

In the News!

  Beer benefits health!  Huzzah! (International Business Times)

 Want to know what beer to bring for the holiday get-togethers, here are some recommendations (

 I think we may need to get an 18-wheeler and a Trans AM. (New York Post)

 Is homebrewing in Tennessee looked at as amateur league by Moonshiners? I’m just asking… (

 Biological Warfare or Beer? (What are the after effects of drinking Blatz Alex?) (Isle of Man Today)

At least the baby Clydesdale is cute (Broward Palm Beach New Times)

Calendar of Events DC has some excellent beer tasting options before you split town for Thanksgiving

Tickets still available for the Washington Winter Beer Festival!

 In site news we have fixed the issue with commenting. It is now open to all parties so tell your friends! If you have recommendations or beer news tips let us know!

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