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Monday, October 17, 2016

Dwarf Invasion! by B. Nektar Meadery

Dwarf Invasion! by B. Nektar Meadery
You know, I like mead. Maybe its my sweet tooth. Mead goes places in the taste realm that beer can't go.  However, mead is kind of limited in where it can take you and that is unfortunate because I could see a number of areas where mead could influence the taste of certain food.  The honey sweet grapey taste of the beverage uniquely places along the beer spectrum.

Enter Dwarf Invasion by B. Nektar Meadery of Ferndale, MI. One of the primary meaderies in the US, the products that come out of B. Nektar Meadery are really on the upside and deservedly so.  Superior grapes, just the right level of sweetness from their honey, and the flavors that surround them make B. Nektar Meadery the places that one has to be beat.

And then their is the Dwarf Invasion.  First off, it is a mead, pure and simple, with water, honey and wine its first three ingredients. But that is where the break occurs, because Dwarf Invasion tastes more like a fruit beer than a mead. As a matter of fact, its taste and texture make it impossible to tell it apart from a fruit beer despite the fact that it has none of the beer ingredients.

Dwarf Invasion is 6% ABV and is made with tart Balaton cherries and Styrian Golden hops to gain a taste that rivals some Belgian cherry beers. The tart cherries and the slightly bitter hops really make this a smooth and supple drinking beer.

The taste if mesmerizing. You know this is mead, but it doesn't look like mead and it certain does not taste that way.  The tart cherries and the slightly bitter hops really make this a smooth and supple drinking beer rather than a mead. It doesn't not slam you back, but rather it lures you into a enchantment and lets you wander out of it. It is just really gentle with you and has no lingering effect, which some meads have in store for you.

Dwarf Invasion is one of several new meads coming from B. Nektar Meadery and I will be on the lookout for the others. Kudos!

Untappd: 4 1/2 stars.



  1. I tried B. Nektar Meadery for the first time in Chicago last month. It was the "Kill All the Golfers" that I had. Definitely an interesting Mead with a Black tea and lemon mix. It was very sweet on the palate with a 6% ABV. You can find it at Farmhouse Restaurant next door to the Hilton Orrington/Evanston in Evanston, Illinois. That's about a 45 minute drive North of Chicago.

  2. Ray - thanks for the recommendation! We have been finding it at Dominion Wine and Beer in Falls Church at the behest of our good friend Tyler. Slowly but surely, it is working its way out into the world!