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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stomping Ground - Really Good Breakfast

I admit it, most of the places I usually frequent specialize in late lunches, dinners and occasionally late night snacks. Its never really a problem, I am a late night diner (much to the chagrin of my mother) and I always have been. But this does cut out a class of place that has been growing in importance. They serve this thing called "breakfast" and the name of the establishment is Stomping Ground.

Stomping Ground (2309 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22301 703-548-1973) is something new in the Del Ray region because of its emphasis on breakfast. Most of the places have a firm grip on lunch and especially dinner. But breakfast is a meal that most seem to avoid. There are a few that have breakfast, but they are "coffee and go" types of restaurants. The Stomping Ground seemed to put its mark on the breakfast establishment in Del Ray.

Stomping Ground
Stomping Ground does have a relationship with Del Ray Pizzeria because that share an investor. That, however, is where is the similarities end and the differences begin. It is open from 7am to 3pm, Tuesday through Saturday. It's basic sandwich is biscuit based. It is so prominent that it literally is the first thing on the menu. Then it moves on to biscuit sandwiches and then finally to breakfast. Lunch comes dead last with only three items on the menu. Breakfast is definitely in their genes.

The restaurant is very new, as they finished it in May after a delay. The service area where you place your order is right up front. It is an old building so all of the mechanicals are placed right over the service area but that it is covered. Restrooms are across the hall. You reach the larger dining area as you move to the back and a small little outside backyard. The seating area is done in rough hewn lumber and is really sturdy. Johnny Cash was playing on the musical playback. It is quite comfortable.

I ordered the Anderson Valley Holy Gose (come to find out later that this is not the name of the beer, just an interpretation) and then asked what the server for her recommendation for an entree. She recommended "The Favorite" with baked egg and bacon. The service was very good.

The beer is quite good, a sour ale, and unique to the season from California. I scored it 4.5 out of 5.0. The sandwich is about the size of a slightly larger English muffin and comes with half an orange cut up. It seem rather peculiar though having a biscuit sandwich with a gose beer. The two just don't mix well, but they did work together somewhat. I was satisfied and it is quite filling and I walked out of the restaurant feeling full and happy.

One question though is why they opted to have beer in this restaurant. Beer (and wine) seem to be a sophisticated drink and these folks have gone for gentler fare. Orange juice would have seem more adapted to the biscuit sandwich that beer. Maybe this is the evolution of our eating and drinking establishment, but it does seem rather peculiar. They certainly have a small but diverse choice of beers (six varieties) but it seems to be reach. It will be interesting if they keep it or not, or to have it seasonally through the winter.

So the flag has been planted for breakfast, along with a beer twist to the whole ordeal. I might start getting up to go down and check out this establishment. Maybe there is a reason for me to get up in the morning after all.

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