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Monday, February 6, 2017

On the Road - Pirogue Black Tripel by Warped Wing Brewery

Last week I was on the road again visiting a friend (Hey, Steve!) in Dayton, Ohio. The purpose of the trip was simple - see the location where the Wright Brother's worked on the discovery of flight (yes, I know, Kitty Hawk, NC is the place where they flew) by visiting their bicycle parts business.  (Really interesting link between bicycles and airplanes.)

Visiting the Wright Brothers also meant going to see the public viewing space of the US Air Force base at Wright-Patterson. (Spoiler alert: They have a B-2 Spirit!) Finally, you have to wrap up visiting the breweries that have popped up around town and as a bonus, cover the Packard car museum. Its a lot to cover in just a couple of days, so lets get started!
Not so Warped, but still really good!
Out of the wide range of beers, I am going to focus on the Pirogue Black Tripel by Warped Wing Brewery. (26 Wyandot Street, Dayton, OH, 45402 - The night I walked into Warped Wing Brewery, the staff was rolling out the first night of Pirogue Black Tripel.

The brewery is in a large building (large by brewery standards) in an industrial/commercial area and has parking across the street. The bar is against the right side (the brewery is behind the wall but out of site) of the building and it has a large set of wooden tables and chairs going out to the left. It is pretty impressive and has wide range of male and female drinkers. There is room for even the kids and there are plenty of them!

Pirogue Black Tripel comes in draft with an ABV of 9.0% and IBU of 24. This beer is tightly put together so that it drinks smooth and with a lot of flavor. The aroma has a few hops in it, but not too many that you will walk away from it. The taste is what really sells this as a black tripel. The hops and the other flavors in the beer really work well together and with a barley malt, they just sing out with black tripel flavor. Overall, it is a really solid beer.

I gave it an Untapped rating of 4 stars.


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