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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The 1st Annual Jolly Good Fellows Gift Guide

Once again, first image Google shows
when you type beer gifts. I have to stop doing that.
The above is an option but you can do better.
Welcome to December, the month where we give presents to people, some of whom we actually like.  We proudly present to you the JGF 1st annual beer lovers gift guide. So you have a beer lover in your ranks and you need to get them something. You could go the easy route and just pick up a sixer, or bomber of their favorite beer,  you could also do this, or you could do that AND add something special to the mix. 

Below are several suggestions from myself, Rudy and Brian on more good beer related gifts.

While receiving beer is nice the extra bits are appreciated. You may wish to get them something extra from their favorite brewery, apparel, coasters, etc. (I think I may need this Lagunitas butterfly opener.) A quick Google search can set you on your way. 

If your up and coming beer aficionado is just getting into beer then some glassware may well be the ticket. I have asked for these Spiegelau glasses. If they prefer a certain style of beer or brewery then get them the corresponding glassware. Along with those a beer tasting kit might come in handy. Here’s one example, here is another. If they have a nostalgia bent you can find some excellent breweriana, here were a few interesting things recently spotted on eBay as examples.

In our effort to improve literacy and thereby gain more readers to Jolly Good Fellows, here are several books to help them through the winter months. (We recommend stouts and strong ales to go with winter reading)

Need something to hang on the wall and fill in some space? Pop Chart Lab’s poster, The Very Many Varieties of Beer Poster may well fit the bill. 

Plan for a day trip with a  tour and tasting session to your beer drinkers favorite brewery. Here is the one for St. Arnold Brewery as an example. Want to go bigger? There are many excellent beer festivals around the North America and worth attending, but there is only one Great American Beer Festival. But you say you want to go bigger?! Well then it is Belgium tour time. A true mecca for beer connoisseurs around the world. 

Sarah, who runs the excellent site Beer Meets Cheese, is running a month long gift guide. We recommend heading over there to check out her recommendations too!

In the end if all else fails there are gift certificates. Believe it or not this is actually a pretty solid choice. One of the things I enjoy most as a beer drinker is being in the store, looking at the selections, and picking out new things to try. It is even better if what I want to purchase is already paid for.  

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Nicely done gift guide. The glasses got me to thinking about the issue of drinking tools, i.e. glassware and how that enhances the experience. My personal favorites right now I came upon by accident. May post a short piece for early next week.