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Friday, December 23, 2011

Wow, just wow...

This is what you
are looking for!
Jewbelation 15 is an excellent beer. It is rich, complex, spicy, and incredibly smooth. This is beer as a port wine. There is so much going on that I would actually prefer this as an digestif after a meal.

It poured an incredibly deep clear bronze with a rich tan head that hung around a lot longer than I expected. I drank this out of a port glass. At first sip you get a mouthful of spice that stays with you throughout the quaff and lingers in the aftertaste. For me it is a very pleasant taste and it leaves a tingle on the sides of the tongue. The beer is a lot smoother than you would expect with a lot of caramel taste. This is a beer that you have to be careful with though, it comes in at a big but devious 15% ABV. The alcohol is masked very well by the smorgasboard of hops and malts.

My only regret is that I did not purchase another bottle to age out. Here is to finding another couple of bottles to store because this beer will get better with age. For me this hits all the marks of an excellent beer. It hits the spot of everything I want in a winter seasonal beer.

Jewbelation is a series that has been going since 2004. Jewbelation 15, a kosher beer brewed by Shmaltz Brewing Company out of Saratoga Springs, New York, celebrates the brewery's 15 years of brewing. I looked for the "propaganda" on the beer but really couldn't find much from the brewery other than the importance of number of 15.

Happy Hanukkah everyone! L'chaim!

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