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Monday, December 5, 2011

Beer links brought to you by the 21st Amendment!

Today we celebrate the 78th anniversary of the repeal of the "noble experiment" known as Prohibition. So raise a beer, any beer, and remember that it could be a whole lot worse.

In the News!

There is a time and place for every beer...
it seems so obvious now that this
would be the one for survival
Just 40 miles from Nome, stuck in the snow (Anchorage Daily News) Trapped in a truck living on Coors light (that has the makings of a country song)…imagine if he would have had some good stout probably could have lasted till spring thaw. 

Can't Get It Out OfYour Head: Hanson's MMMhop Beer (NPR) This song will be playing at the apocalypse, mark my words. 

Throwing beer is a bad idea - and a felony (The Gainesville Sun) You know the beer they were throwing was shit. Can you really blame them for throwing their shitty, shitty beer? (The answer to that is yes and the advice to drink better beer.)

Popularity of craft beers spreads in Binghamton region: Four breweries to open in city (Press & Sun Bulletin) Four words: drunk early flight simulator

Man tries to send beer to space (CBS KYTX 19) Now this is SCIENCE! Brian may have to replicate this and then perform another launch one week later. 

Craft beer lovers say cheers to new bill (Charlotte Observer) Now to just get them over the growler hurdle!

Man helped himself to beer money (The Kingston Whig Standard) Something tells me the "friend" thing was a misnomer

Belly up to this bar (of soap) (Montreal Gazette) Heart healthy and good for the skin. Beer is just full of health win these last few weeks. 

Beau's beer delivery back in business (Ottawa Citizen) This is a follow up from last week. I really hope this catches on. 


BCS Bowls: Beer Lover's Guide to Every Game (Bleacher Report) Bleacher Report you are a guilty pleasure 

Commercial Break: WillFerrell plugs beer for free (Bitter Wallet) This went down in Davenport, Iowa people. I'm still reeling from the shock that Old Milwaukee is being brewed. My grandpa would not appreciate these commercials. 

Let’s Celebrate Repeal Day! 

A toast to the 21st Amendment (The Daily Caller) 

Site News

This week on JGF expect some beer commentary by Brian tomorrow, the first of our December holiday beer reviews on Wednesday, commentary by me of Thursday, and a preview of the Wisconsin weekend on Friday. 

Want your blog or beer news mentioned on the weekly link dump? Just send me an e-mail and we will work it out. Thanks for stopping by!

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