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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Seasonal Beer Review

The warm summer months are upon us. Gone are the dark cold days filled with hearty stout and heavy porter beers. Onward to crisp, refreshing ales and pilsners. Hoppy IPAs and delicious Belgians. Not to mention all of the wonder beers that are brewed just for these summer months.

MJ watching the Euro Cup on TV.
For today's review we have two beers that are perfect to drink during the summer months. While they are not seasonal specific beers (in other words - the brewery does not only brew these in the summer months, but rather, they brew them all year round), they are beers to drink on a sunny warm day.

The beers were sampled at the North 45 Pub in Portland, Oregon. This pub is known for it's love of soccer, it's menu with mussels, and it's Belgian beers. We tasted the Trumer Pils and the Affligem Blonde, reviewed below. Let us know if you've sampled either of these beers - and what you think about them. The Jolly Good Fellows always love suggestions, so send along your favorite summer seasonal beers and we will make sure to try them.

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