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Monday, June 11, 2012

Beer links for the week of June 11th.

We are getting so close to summer I can almost taste it. Here are a few beer links to satisfy your cravings.

In the News!

Finally, gluten-free beer that tastes like beer (St. Louis Post-Dispatch by way of The Republic)
In a few months we will be looking at new arrivals on the gluten-free scene. 
This is a dual purpose picture, one to
inform you about Minnesota's local
craft scene, and the other to remind
you to go read my awesome
SAVOR article!

Beer-lovers to push for homebrewing law (Jackson Clarion-Ledger)
Mississippi beer lovers had a huge win a few weeks ago, here is hoping they soon have another.

To Grow A Craft Beer Business, The Secret’s In The Water (NPR)
Yes it is. It is sort of the rug that ties the whole room together. 

Beer maker asks commuters to give up four wheels for two (WTOP 103.5 FM)
No surprise this comes from New Belgium, sustainability and environmental stewardship are a big part of their corporate culture.

Beer, Wine Now Sold In Lincoln Sundays Before Noon (WOWT Channel 6 News – NBC)
Another blue law steps aside.

Where local beers are King: Patriotism or great taste in Minnesota and Wisconsin? You be the judge (The Dickinson Press)
I vote Wisconsin though in this election we all actually win. 

Craft Breweries Take Off In Region (WUSA Channel 9 – CBS)
The DC metro region is starting to take off!

‘Queens of Beer’ to open first LGBT brewery ever in San Diego (Los Angeles Times)
My first thought was, "I thought this would have happened sooner." Needless to say though this is a positive for the industry.

Bill would allow small breweries to expand sales (
This is a good thing for small brewers but I find the distributors' response somewhat puzzling. You need to change your business model to reflect the times. 

No limits on local beers as brewers expand (Houston Chronicle)
If I have to move to Texas then this blog won't lack for material.

Beer makes hay while sun shines (Daily Pioneer)
While I read this article I had a little daydream of starting a craft brewery in India.

5 refreshing canned beers to beat the summer heat (MSNBC)
Get prepared for summer! Want other options to bring to the beach or lake where bottles and glass are prohibited? Then go check out!

Tom Kitchin: ‘That’s the essence of these artisan beers – the best of the old with the best of the new’ (Scotsman)
That is probably as good a statement for craft brewing as any.

Beer Glasses (New York Times)
Remember the importance of glassware for beer!

In Site News!

Look for more stories from Iceland, pictures from SAVOR, and another piece about New York. I'll be honest I have more content than I can shake a stick at.  As always you can follow us by clicking on the widget in the top right corner. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. All I can say is that beer is helping my life out in so many ways. Thank you for posting the link for: "Secret to being thin hidden in your beer". That one link saved my butt today during a lecture I had in my science class. Plus I keep telling my wife how beer makes you smarter and thanks for bringing that link up last month.