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Monday, June 18, 2012

Beer links for the last days of Spring

Spring sprang. Summer shows up this week which means summer ales and lagers, just in time for thirst quenching refreshment from the heat and humidity.

In the News

Single Beer Ban: D.C. Officials Want To Broaden Controversial Policy (Huffington Post)
I'm pretty sure this policy will not work to the expectation of the council.

Original here

10 Best Vacation Cities for Beer Lovers (The Street)
Surprises: Portland, Maine 
The one that shouldn’t have been a surprise but was: Burlington, VT
The one that was missing that will be on their next time: Washington DC.

Pennsylvania debates new beer flow (
Distributors will eventually have to give way and come up with a better model.

Rising African tide floats global brewers’ boats (Reuters)
This is a good thing for the craft beer movement in the United States. It provides opportunity to continue to entrench in the minds of America of what beer should be while the big breweries are treasure hunting for profits overseas.

Northwest beer drinkers more likely than most to prefer local brew (Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal)
Who would have thought that an area with a boatload of craft brewers would have a population that enjoyed their products.

New craft beer company brewing in Jackson County (WDAM – Channel 7)
Expect more of this type of story coming out of Mississippi.

Craft beer finds growing US fan base (GMA News)
An interesting article but the lede frankly sucks as bad as the ones I normally write.

NY finds way to cheer beer brewers by restoring special tax break, keeping costs lower (Washington Post)
Which is a good thing right now for the one of the economy's shining stars. 

I wonder if I can check into this brew on Untappd...
If you are hanging around the province this week then check out some of their craft brews, you could unlock the badge on Untappd!

In Site News

Now that SAVOR DC is out of the way, we will turn our attention back to Iceland. Look for the interview with the fine brewers of Borg Brugghus. In addition we will take a closer look at a few summer seasonals.

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