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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beer links for the post Labor Day funk

The unofficial end of summer is here but the heat hasn't gotten the message, at least here in Virginia. We haven’t done the news lately so let’s get caught up.

In the News
Beer Drinking: Shape Up! (The Economist by way of the Chicago Tribune)
In other words my tulips are trying to mess me up.
Yes, I do wish I was still on the beach.
White House beers just in time for the debates (Washington Post)
Homebrewers get brewing…for America!

White House Beer: A Brewer Weighs In (New York Times)
Now that the recipes have been released, everyone has an opinion. I still just want to taste the originals, though I am not holding my breath with my interview request.

SAB Miller Relaunches Spiced Indian Beer (Wall Street Journal)
I would be curious to try these, and I think you could do some cool things with Indian spices but based on the brewer I don't think these will pass muster.

5 intoxicating facts about beer (Mother Nature Network)
Beer…it’ll get you drunk.

Budweiser turns to music in bid to attract younger beer consumers. (Los Angeles Times)
Two things in this article that are interesting, the first is that Budweiser knows it missed the boat on changing tastes, the second is the Project 12 Brews. Stay tuned as we will be tasting those.

How to get beer into backcountry without turning hikers into pack mules (Alaska Dispatch)
Having hiked a few miles with a pack on my back all I want to know is how it tastes after 20 miles of hoofing it.

Japanese Beer: A Look at Asian Craft Brews (The Daily Meal)
Some cool new names to track down for that Japanese Untappd badge.

The 20 Top Selling Domestic Beers (Huffington Post)
Not only is the list deceiving it is also depressing.

2012 NFL Beer Bible (Esquire)
Just in time for the start of the season. Yay!

In Site News
Macro month is over and there is a lot of ground uncovered, partially from me refusing to get out of my vacation mindset and the rest from the fact that I found more material than I could shake a stick at. Something bigger is will be coming out off all that research so stay tuned, I just don't know what that format will be yet.

Now we dive into the big pool of flavor that is Oktoberfest month. Also it is the start of the NFL season, (Go you Packers go!) So what can you expect? A little history, reviews of a variety of Oktoberfest brews, and whatever else we can scrape up.

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