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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Drinks of the Week - Epic Brewing

This week is starting off a theme week. Yes, a theme week. I won't being doing a theme every week, and, as a matter of fact, the theme this week kind of ended up as an healthy accident.

Epic Brewing (825 South State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111) has had an Exponential Series on the shelves for some time now and I have not really done an exhaustive examination of it. This is where Epic Brewing "jouney never ends" because these bottles are a cut above. Basically because one bottle of it was so good, it just blew my mind. I have had a bottle (Brainless on Raspberries, Peaches, and Cherries) of the Exponential Series and found them to be really good. Tightly wrapped up flavors in explosive amounts for not a limited some of money kind of limited my options, so I started collecting. Bottle here, bottle there in 750ml amounts until there were five.

First you have to acquire five of the Exponential Series brand and that is what has taken the longest to do. Now let's take their five brands, analyze them, and come out with some semblance of what we are saying about them.

Sour Apple Saison - I imagine that this will be a sour apple inspired saison. However, as we have discovered before, the flavor of sour apple will be the ultimate deciding factor. Curious how this will come out!

Double Skull - Doppelbock Lager: This has always gotten me because of the number of factors involved in this concoction. The secret could lie in the doppelbock or it could lie in the lager. Or it may be trapped in between the two. Curiosity killed the cat and may get me this time!

Fest Devious - A Full Celebration (beer): This could be good for a number of reasons, the least of which is that it will be just good beer.

Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout: This could be good for the most basic of reason - just good imperial stout. This is one beer taste that has eluded most beer drinkers - but not all of them.

Elder Brett Saison Brett Golden Ale:  Not one, but too saisons to measure up against - the inference is that the brewer is ballsy. But this brewer has proved tough defeat in the past and two of same saisons may not be beyond their reach. We will see on opening!

So these are the five choice that we have laid out. Hopefully we have enough diversity that we can distinguish between them (I don't doubt it) and have some real lesson learned.  Onward!


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