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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Let Me Think About It

Last call? Last call!

Normally, I am paying attention to the traditional jargon around the water hole. Who isn't? But today, March 2 through March 9, I am going to be ignoring such banter. No, not a wayward bias or some "they will pry my glass from my cold, dead hand" genre either. I am turning my beer glass over and just saying "No, thanks" because I am on the wagon for the next week.

No, no major breakdowns or horrible disfigurements (at least that I am aware of), but I got into a conversation with a very good friend of mine and she pointed out how did I know because I have been under the surge for three years now and it is time that I take a break.  So, since Claire Marteau is always right (at least as far as I go), I agreed to take a week off from drinking. Completely. Doesn't mean I won't take off a week to comment on drinking (I have at least one or two good stories), but the actually consumption of alcohol is kaputt!

So, I will see you on 10 March, beer in hand, but until then, make mine a Coke.



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