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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Checking In: Cooking with Norse

You know, sometimes it is better to look backward rather than forward. The old ways are better than the new ways, even if it is just a consideration of how to do something. It is something so simple, so easy, and it just went right by you. Cooking with Norse, a camping and cookout website with a focus on craft beer, is one of these websites and worth of your consideration, and if you don't think so, tough shit!

Cooking with Norse is the brainchild of Andrew and Scott, and they have over 120 episodes and will be hosting a craft beer site. (They requested that their names be withheld, because, well, it just tuff nuggie!) These two Norseman (at least one is Norwegian, so he is forgiven), who came out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, had a simple idea - easy cooking ideas that go with hunting.  Now when a hunting trip goes astray, all is not lost. Just whip out one of these videos, available on YouTube or Younto, and you can rescue your lost day off!

But what about the supplies and cookery that go with those easy cooking ideas? Its great that you have a choice of cheese soup, but its not good when the soup requires oven.  Well, now they have branched out to include these as well.

So check the site Cooking with Norse and that me know what you think and we can post their videos from time to time. One thing for sure, the food is scrumptious - and if you don't think so - tough shit!

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