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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Brooklyn Brand Insulated Dark Lager: Take Your Pick, but Not Both

Brooklyn Brand Insulated Dark Lager
Well, in addition to Tuesday night being lined up for Meridian Pint, it is also the day that Auld Sheebin has its "Taste of Tuesday" where they bring in a single beer and distribute it that day. Its not a big thing, but I think it is kind of fun. This week they have Brooklyn Brand's Insulated, which is a dark lager.

Brooklyn Brewery is a good brewery out of New York. For the November to March time frame, they have produced an Insulated brand of dark lager to sooth the winter doldrums. Alcohol by Volume is 5.6%. Malts are German Munich, Carafa, Pilsner, and American black barley. Hops are Perle, Hallertauer, Amarillo and Centennial.

The biggest thing with Insulated is its weight. Its definitively a light weight beer, especially since it is a lager rather than an ale. As a result, it comes across as a lighter weight dark beer - it is missing something. Plain and simple, that lager gives it away.  For a lighter crowd, the lager will be just fine. But I find myself looking at the bottle and saying, "if you were only an ale, my questions would be answered."

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