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Monday, January 2, 2012

Beer links for the New Year!

This was the alternate for yesterday.
I still wanted to use it. 
Welcome to 2012, it's time for the weekly beer links!

In the news!
Beer bombshell: Guzzlers to dig deeper in their pockets.(Nyasa Times)
86¢ for the low end, $1.53 for the top. Sounds cheap, but the average yearly income is about $800 US dollars. It was a 40% markup from previous with no lead announcement by Carlsberg…Happy New Year. (As I have mentioned before I find the beer scene in Africa absolutely fascinating)

Not only the beer but the peanuts too?! For those keeping score at home, 10 pence is the equivalent of 15¢ US. Average price for a pint in the UK is just shy of $5 US. Never forget beer is a commodities based beverage. Bad harvests = higher prices.

Good luck with that, for a country and culture so intertwined with alcohol, the ad ban won't do anything intentional. Unintentionally it will have some unplanned effects. 

Meanwhile in America…someday I really hope we do have a BeerFest. All the pieces are slowly starting to combine. 

Hey look! The Governor of Wisconsin is still boot-licking his corporate interest friends at MillerCoors…with all the fine craft brews that call Wisconsin home you would think Gov. Walker would send one of theirs, particularly when you’re going up against a craft beer juggernaut like Oregon. Capital Brewing is in Madison for Pete's sake! New Glarus is right down the road! Oh, I forgot, Walker hates the small brewer scene. /rant over.

Brewers keen to join craft club (New Zealand Herald)
The rise of craft beer in New Zealand. Take note of the definitions being tossed around because this will become more and more important in the upcoming fight.

Nice little recap of the 2011 Massachusetts beer scene. I’ve seen similar articles for places like Houston, AshevilleSacramento, etc. The trend is the same though, craft beer continues to make its presence felt.

We’ve been playing around with Untappd, (Our review will be up this week) but I think I am going to add this to the phone also. We’ll let you know how it goes.

It isn't beer links without an article about beer crime! There is so much going on in this article. The amount of beer, the number of people involved, how they knew and and of course the entry…at least they were honest on the why.

That is my kind of road test and my kind of a job. My brother and I may have to recreate this test in a car of more dubious distinction. (Car yet to be determined, suggestions welcome.)

In site news!

We now have an official podcast channel set up on iTunes. You can find the JGF Beercast here. We will be recording a new podcast every 2 weeks. If you have recommendations on what we should talk about let us know! Also if you enjoyed the first then rate us please!

We now have our facebook page up and running. Find us at

As always you can find us on twitter: @beerfellows
See what we are drinking on Untappd: BeerFellows

Stick around, this week we will be diving into winter warmer month, finishing out the cellaring series, reviewing the Untappd app, and actually publishing the "To the Lab" article I keep talking about. I hope your New Year's has started well. Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Wow! I didnt know much about beer, but your blog is a great place to learn. Thanks!

  2. Sha'ahn! Thanks for stopping by, good luck this week!