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Monday, January 30, 2012

The end of January beer links!

In the news!

I think we will actually review this come Macro month. I do find their method for battling craft brewing rather humorous. “Well, let’s just put more alcohol in the beer, that’ll get those kids to buy it.”

What is missing from the headline was he used a municipal vehicle, was a municipal employee, was wearing his official jacket, and he did it more than once…oh, and he has priors. With that summary you don’t even need to read the article. Yay beer crime!

I can't believe somebody
didn't think of this sooner. (Original here)

Open beer with your phone (London Evening Standard)
Yes please.  If you want to know more go here

DC everyday travel plan: Be impatient, have an aneurysm

I would love to send my brother Cody on a boondoggle to pick up some of this but know my luck he would get the last bottle and drink it when he got back and then tell me about how awesome it was.

No bottles, no problem, I’ll need to ask Becki, my resident New Orleans friend how this goes. Abita is a good Louisiana move so this is a smart play by them.

We missed this one but we are starting to put together our festival schedule, look for it next week. Or if you want to make your own, go check out, they know a thing or two about festivals.

Sud Savant has a great write up of this over on his site. I must admit I didn’t put too much effort into the search for it. I’ll be better prepared next year.

I've lambasted Mississippi before and I will again until they get with the times. For a state that could use the revenue they sure don’t recognize opportunity very well. The key take away is that the lawmaker who is in favor of repealing the law can't even get the bill to committee and he has tried 5 times before!

A new truck and a lot of money $70,782.56 Canadian, for those keeping score at home that is 70,528.66 US…holy shit I did not realize how strong the Canadian dollar was.

Brewing up big dreams (Times Colonist)
I like strong traditional styles, the recognition of history is important to me. This pilsner is going to be a must try the next time I head northwest.

Here is one for the Android users. Somebody download this and review it! I’m trying to wrap my head around 52,000 beers and I am having some difficulty. If you drank a different beer a night that would take you over 142 years, so get your act together Science, I need anti-aging so I can drink more beer.

I suppose I should expect nothing less from Texas and I think this is cool. Here's to hoping they are not only big but also smooth. Check them out at Texas Big Beer Brewery.

In site news

Expect the long awaited beer can article up tomorrow, just a week after National Beer Can Appreciation day.  Tomorrow we recap winter warmer month and on Wednesday we dive headfirst into one of my favorite styles of beer, the ebony world of stouts. I can’t wait.
Also be sure to look for episode four of the JGF beercast this week. 

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  1. How can Budweiser make a LIGHER beer!? ARG!

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Even my wife made the comment how can bud make a lighter beer. She doesn't even drink beer!

  3. I have a feeling that macro month is going to be rather fun and interesting. May even get some of the best writing out of me!