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Friday, January 20, 2012

Part 2 of the Broadcast Brewery interview

Yesterday we posted part 1 of our interview with Mike Causey, owner and head brewer of Broadcast Brewing Company, a new brewery that will be setting up shop in east Nashville. If you didn't read part 1 you can find it here. Now let's dive into part 2!

How do feel that Broadcast Brewery can differentiate itself from other breweries in the region?
Well you know, I look at it in the sense of restaurants, I use that as an analogy. You have a lot of great restaurants in town that have their special little niches. I think the palettes are a little bit different for the breweries in the area, you have Blackstone’s St. Charles Porter which wins awards year in and year out, they just built that fabulous new brewery in town as well so they got a great beer and following there, and Yazoo of course has been more of the frontrunner of the craft beer movement here in town and has opened a lot more doors and has gotten a lot more people attuned to the idea of craft beer which we are definitely thankful of. In addition to that how many different flavors are out there, Yazoo can only produce so much beer, so that is why I think there is a tremendous amount of room in this region. The beer drinkers in town are evolving their tastes, and the market is getting bigger. You see a lot more bars opening up with, instead of two or three taps, they have ten taps. When your pubs are opening up with numerous taps with only micro brewed beers and no macros you know the demand is getting a lot larger for the true craft artisan type beer.
Broadcast Brewery poured two ales in 2011 at the 
Nashville Beer Fest. (Photo courtesy of Broadcast Brewery)

Let’s talk about your beer for a minute, I know that you have introduced two at local Nashville festivals, the Marconi ale and the Tesla ale. Tell us a bit about them?
The honey pale [ed. Marconi ale]  is going to be our main beer that you’ll see. We will have two lines that we will serve year round. The other will be a porter that will also run year round. After that we are going to rotate taps at the tap room, being a small brewery we will have that flexibility.

What is on the tap for the future styles?
We will have a lot more high gravity beers and beers that will have different adjuncts and ingredients that give it a special touch. We are inspired by the southern food movement going on right now, using southern ingredients and elevate that to see if we can make something work with the beer and make it exciting. I say that with a little reservation in the sense that I don’t want to make a wacky beer with a southern ingredients. I’m not a big fan when someone goes out and says, ‘we’re going to put this in it and make it work.’ I want to bring the southern elements in to the process. A brewery I think that does it well is Full Steam Brewery up in Durham, NC. I like what they are doing there and want to follow a similar vibe as them.

What do you see as your projected output?
Initially 2000 barrels in the first year.

Will you be distributing throughout the region? How large of a region are you looking at?
Yes, absolutely. We would like to expand in Alabama and Kentucky, but of course that is dependent on market demand. I don’t see us going in there initially the first year, but targeted growth, two, three, four years in, definitely pushing out into those regions.

What can folks expect from Broadcast Brewery in 2012? 
People can expect some exciting beer, we will have our main line honey ale that we were talking about, made with local honey and it will be a good session beer, something that has a craft beer flavor and taste but you are not going to feel like going to sleep or explode after three of them, a beer that you can have a few of them, really enjoy the flavor and ingredients, but not like some pale ales where you have two of them and your saying to yourself, ‘I’m done.’ That will be our main one. With the rest of the beers I think you will find us working with exciting new flavors and making good beer.

When do you plan to have your grand opening?
It’s a bit dangerous on that, so many breweries have fallen on meeting their opening day so I am kind of shooting long on that and saying fall of 2012. Maybe sooner, people will know as soon as we tell people, but until I have the beer made, in kegs, ready to pour, that type of thing we are not going to be opening up. We will open up when the beer is ready. 

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We here at Jolly Good Fellows want to thank Mike for taking the time to talk to us. Got questions for him, or suggestions for who we should interview in the future, then let us know in the comments. 

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