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Monday, January 9, 2012

Your weekly beer links!

This has nothing to do with the links other than
it is my excuse for not getting them up sooner
(It was delicious)
Beer links for January 9-13

In the News!

Go local with beer by the jug.  (Centerville Patch)
I know this guy! Jim is awesome. 

This is Science that I think we can all stand behind. Brian may need volunteers for case studies!

Once again we look at definitions. Though this time its just plain bullying in my opinion. 

Road trip! Another take on it. 

Another important article about beer’s lifesaving capabilities! Though seriously, be smart out there, have a distress beacon and use it. 

I worry sometimes that we will sabotage ourselves and fail to keep beer approachable for all people…but at least it keeps this blog clinging to any strands of relevance! Beware the hipster!

This could also read...Beer flavored water takes second behind beer flavored water. Take note though, they are still losing share in the long run.

Your weekly dose of beer crime.
Beer versus shale gas (Rochester City Newspaper)
It would be a genuine shame to lose Ommegang Brewery. They do phenomenal stuff. 

Finishing out strong with the Hamm’s Bear and the Land of Sky Blue Waters!

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