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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Welcome to your weekend - JGF Mascot edition

This is Rufus, she is my cat, and I am going to anoint her the Jolly Good Fellows mascot for the time being.
Starring Special guests Jalapeno Jack Pretzel crisps and Red Brick Brewing Company Smoked Vanilla Gorilla


  1. Skye. I'm really enjoying following the site. Also thanks for the recommendations you gave Jae the other night. Really enjoyed the new beers

  2. Thanks Craig for stopping by. I was hoping you would like some of those. Sort of shooting from the hip when I was choosing them.

  3. Must.have.vanilla.gorilla. And cats. But I have my own cats. Seriously, dude. Hook me up with some of that- looks like something I'd enjoy.

  4. Jess you are In luck I have an extra bottle. You may have also like Sue from Yazoo Brewing.