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Monday, January 23, 2012

Beer links for the week of January 23rd.

In the news!

Politics aside, at least with Clinton, Bush, and Obama, (the Presidents since I could legally drink) I think I could sit down and slug back a beer with them and hold a decent bar conversation. Romney, on the other hand, probably doesn't even know what a tavern is. 
(I know he is Mormon)

Rate Beer says this is
the best cider in the world
(Original here)
I like cider and we will be having a dedicated cider month (actual month yet to be determined) but better than beer...not sold yet. 

Politics I can get behind, New York is going to establish itself as a craft beer powerhouse...unless the knock out one of their best breweries because of hydrofracking 

Not just in America, but our cousins in the UK are seeing the benefits of craft brewing. For a country with a rich brewing tradition like Great Britain this is sort of a return to the pre-industrial revolution days. 

While I appreciate that beer must be sold, if you look closer you find out that it isn't so much about the fans, but about who is sponsoring the event.  

Beer: A new aroma in Hershey (Lebanon Daily News)
Beer and chocolate. Two great tastes, now in one location. Road trip to Troegs' new digs!

The sad part was this was not a problem until last year…and it was a tax issue. 

The title is a reference to this old song (Video)
Don't worry though, they'll save money and you'll pay the same price. 

I love this because of the weird schizophrenia Russia has with alcohol, they are trying to curb rampant alcoholism, and there has been some blame on brewers, but here is Putin slugging back some liters to show he is a good ‘ol boy. Politics, practicality, and double standards. 

Here is a pro tip. If you say that it probably isn't going to go well. If you insist on saying that, don't be driving drunk, have an open container, and a bag a weed in the car with you.

Yes please. Hamilton! Are you out there? You need to pick some of this up and hold it for me. 

I would buy this if I could. No joke, just once to check it off the list. 

Oh Florida, where would we be without your special kind of stupid. 

I figured as story about the Romanian beer market
needed a picture of their beer. Photo by Steven Hales.
(Original here)
The scramble continues, SAB Miller will continue to find new markets to make up for the shortfalls at home. (And cut your alcohol content too!)

United States of beer (Chicago Tribune)
I think the Great American Ale Trail: The Craft Beer Lover's Guide to the Best Watering Holes in the Nation is going to become required reading for the blog staff. 

Site News!
This week we recap the Crystal City 1k Beer Walk from this last weekend, review a couple of big winter warmers, and look at what happens when you mix beer & beer (Hint: awesomeness.)

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