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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Winter Warmer Recap & bonus review!

It is the end of winter warmer month here on Jolly Good Fellows. Something new we wanted to do was recap the winter warmers we reviewed, discussed, and drank over the last 31 days.

The last bottle, read the review below.
Beer we reviewed on the blog

Winter warmers we discussed on the JGF beercast
Full Sail Wassail (Recommended)

Winter Warmers we didn’t write or talk about but enjoyed on Untappd
Magic Hat Howl – 3 stars
Schlafly Winter ESB – 3 stars

Top of the charts

Pleasant surprises

Mild disappointments

One final bonus winter warmer review, while I’m writing this I am drinking my last bottle of New Glarus Snowshoe Ale. I don’t believe New Glarus brewed any of this during the last year and I am not sure when or if they will again. (Somebody correct me if I am mistaken.) The Snowshoe Ale is a well crafted quality beer.

This particular bottle was originally purchased back in May 2011. It poured a clear coppery, amber color, with a small head. On the drink it has a very malty presence with minimal carbonation. The malt stays with you into the aftertaste but clears pretty quickly.

While labeled as an Irish amber ale it shares a lot of similarities to the winter warmers that have been covered over the last month. The alcohol comes in at 5.7% ABV, not as heavy as you would expect but that is in no way a detriment. While it has some hop to it, if you come to this beer expecting a more hopped American red ale you may leave disappointed.

Here is the "party line" on this beer. 

Settle in with Wisconsin’s Snowshoe Ale. This beer is brewed with a blend of American and German malts. A complicated decoction mash process ensures a rich malty flavor. We also infuse generous amounts of Yakima Golding and Bavarian Hallertau Hops to add a special note of warmth for your winter evening’s enjoyment.

Expect this beer to be a beautiful copper-red, with a fruity ale body and a spiced hop finish. Then sit back and rejoice in the season because it’s these Wisconsin winters that keep the whiners out. 

So there you go, we end winter warmer month with a bit of regret, but remember beer is meant to be drank and enjoyed and on that front I am pretty satisfied.

Let us know what winter warmers were your standouts, surprises, and mild disappointments down in the comments!

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