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Monday, May 14, 2012

Beer Links for American Craft Beer Week

It is American Craft Beer Week this week, so grab a delicious craft brew and enjoy. If you are on Untappd you can check into a fine craft brew and unlock the ACBW badge. I just unlocked mine! A lot has happened in the beer world the last few days so expect a super edition of Beer Links!

In the News!
(Original here)
Time to raise your pints high for the deliciousness that is American craft beer! 

Website Helps Customers Find Best Beer Prices (Convenience Store Decisions)
I played around with it and it works okay for larger municipalities. Don't expect to find any obscure crafts though. Still a helpful tool.

We Wanted Beer (The New Yorker)
A little bit of Prohibition history for you. 

That is what I like to see in my brewing, history and science working together for awesomeness. 

King of Craft Beers (Wall Street Journal)
I know Sam Adams is mainstream now, but you can't deny that Jim Koch continues to support the craft beer movement and make an impact. I have a sixer of the 2012 Longshot brews in the basement right now. Expect a write up in June. 

Sometimes I think brewers and beer lovers are one of the largest untapped resources for water conservation. Can't have delicious beer without quality water. 

This is the kind of thing I would drive a couple hundred miles out of my way to be a customer at. 

Beer mash fattening Colorado cows (Western Farm Press)
A clever way for brewers to reduce their solid waste stream and benefit local ranchers and farmers. 

Another interesting little market for craft brewers to exploit in our customization focused society. 

Slightly misleading title, but the interesting fact to me is the willingness to pay more for better quality and taste. 

Next time I go back I have to track this down. I love that they have their own yeast strain too!


Burnside delays release, will rename Kali-Ma after name raises concerns among some Hindus ( After I read this all I could think of the rest of the day was the chant and heart scene. 

If I had one I would use it to promote delicious craft goodness. 

This is genuinely exciting for beer drinkers, can't wait for my brother to be stationed in Italy and we can tour Italian beer country. 

Dual beer holes brilliant or guzzling gimmick? (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)
While the crafts are looking at localization and customization, the bigs are trying to find ways so you can drink faster and avoid tasting their swill. 

In Site News
The big news is that I will be traveling to Iceland at the beginning of June and am open to suggestions on what I should do beer-wise while I am over there. I'll try to have a basic itinerary put together by the end of the month and what you the awesome readership and commentariat can expect while I am gone. 

As always you can find us on a variety of social media places (Click on widget in top right corner) and we love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!

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