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Monday, May 7, 2012

Beer links for May!

Beer links is back! So let's dive in!

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In the News!
Northern Virginia is a beer drinker's paradise (Washington Post)
It is hard to argue against this. The whole DC metro area is pretty rocking for beer.

Bubble has not burst on craft beer market (Washington Post)
Double WaPo! On topic though I would argue that the craft beer market has even begun to get saturated.

Responsible NASCAR Fans Rewarded at Talladega Speedway (Globe Newswire)
It is a small start but a step in the right direction. More can be done though.

Can beer save America? (Salon)
If you read one article on this link page then this should be the one!

New Brewers Speak as Part of American Craft Beer Week (
The revolution will be brewed with diversity and that makes me incredibly happy.

World Beer Cup Announces Winners At Craft Brewers Conference (Huffington Post)
There is a slide show with a few of the winners, also check out this one for the winners of the Canny's

The Haitian Beer Prestige won Gold at World Beer Cup 2012 (Haiti Libre)
I think I need to get media credentials for the World Beer Cup 2013.

Oregon father drunk on Clamato, beer allegedly lets 10-year-old drive (KWCH Channel 12 - CBS)
Here is your weekly dose of beer crime.

Mac Power Adapter + Beer Bottle = Apple's Secret Church Key (
It is good to know I have a backup always in my bag now.

In Site News!
We will be recording a new episode of the Beercast this week, expect some reviews on some crisp and tasty pilsners, and a more thorough write up on why we are focusing on Pilsners this fine month of May. If we can cram anything else in we will! As always you can find us on Facebook, Untappd, Twitter, and Google+. Just click on the widget in the top right corner. Thanks for stopping by!

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