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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

These beer links are all business!

In the News!
BeerSci: What's The Connection Between Hops And Marijuana? (
Science, alcohol, and pot!
Robots and Beer! (Original found here)

The Genius of Starting a Company Without Outside Capital (New York Times)
Contract brewing and crowd sourcing are proving to be legitimate outlets for up and coming breweries.

The GrOpener opens your beer with one hand, keeping the other free for … (Denver Westword)
Can't wait till I get mine.

Tin Man Brewery out to change the thinking about beer--and robots (Evansville Courier & Press)
Everytime I think of robots I think of this.

Who’s Afraid of the Fiscal Cliff? Media Companies, and with Good Reason (Ad Age)
The downside is politicians on both sides of the aisle will probably be in favor to raise taxes on alcohol.

Review: Frothy ‘Bitter Brew’ covers Busch Empire (USA Today)
I think I found one of my reads for the holiday season!

Simpson: Don’t threaten American breweries: drink locally (University Daily Kansan)
The sentiment is great but the logic is flawed. Undergrads have no understanding of context and system thinking.

Beer chief: French tax will hit all European brewers (
In more tax news be glad you are not a beer drinker in France.

Beer Wars: Craft Brewers Are Using This Strategy to Compete (Wall St. Cheat Sheet)
Size matters and it is a strategy craft brewers are using to their advantage. Meanwhile...

Big Beer dresses up in craft brewers’ clothing (CNN Money)
...the big boys are doing this. If you read one article out of these then read this one.

Revolutionizing the beer culture in America (Buffalo News)
Jim Koch makes a lot of good points.

Genetically-Modified Beer: Is It Evil? (Broward-Palm Beach New Times)
Depends if it chaotic, lawful, or neutral evil, once we know that we can better prepare.

In Site News!
While the Mother Earth Brewing interview was supposed to be up last week I'm in the process of moving my household so things have been put on hold. Fear not though, it will be up starting tomorrow. Later this week we will have a review of ciders and expect a Thanksgiving post on Thursday.

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