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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11 Beer links to tide you through Election Day!

It sure looks pretty but is it worth two Benjamins?
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We are in November now and that means we have almost come full circle. It is time to launch into fall seasonals, a style that was abbreviated last year with only a few getting looked at. First though let's take a look at some of the latest beer news.

In the News!
Beer and Metal: Perrenial’s Heart of Gold wheat wine (Chicago Reader)
Wheat wines are a style I need to get better versed in. Another brewery though to keep on the radar.

Chipotle Is Experimenting With Craft Beer (Business Insider)
Nothing new about beer at Chipotle, but if anybody in Chicago can chime in I’d love to know what they will be offering and how it pairs with a fat burrito.

Beer drinkers brace for further price hikes in kegs and tanks (The Prague Post)
I think I need to start doing research on the economic / beer price correlation.

Local Breweries Awarded at Brussels Beer Challenge (NBC 7 – San Diego)
San Diego is a must travel destination for the discerning craft beer drinker.

The Common Table Will Soon Stop Serving Horrible Beer (Dallas Observer)
A bold move.

Beer aged like bourbon is the rage (San Francisco Chronicle)
Sometimes I think the craft beer world is as style conscious as a bunch of teenage girls.

France to Hike Tax on Beer by 160 Percent (The New American)
Is it too soon to start daydreaming about being a craft beer smuggler of the coast of France.
The silver lining: this is great news for the French homebrewing community!
Sam Adams’ Utopias Beer Cost $190 A Bottle (Huffington Post)
Do I get a bottle of this and call it a Christmas present for myself…this might still be a little too rich for my blood.

N.Y. breweries take a hit during Hurricane Sandy (Associated Press by way of
Best of luck to them and hopefully they will be back on their feet soon.

The Art and Sustainability of Craft Beers (Triple Pundit)
One of the strengths of the craft beer industry is promotion of community.

These volunteers will work for beer (Orlando Sentinel)
I have become more picky of the beer I will actually work for.

In Site News
The plate is full, I just have to start serving up the entrees. This week we'll have an Election Day special, our first fall seasonal review of the month, and the first entry of our interview with Mother Earth Brewing out of North Carolina. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping in.

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