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Thursday, November 8, 2012

2nd Annual International Stout Day: 6 relatively easy" to find stouts so you can participate!

It is the 2nd International Stout Day, a day to raise a pint of this delicious dark beer. While stouts themselves are a diverse lot with its milk, coffee, oyster, dry, imperial, chocolate, etc. here are six examples that are relatively easy to find but aren't too challenging to the pallette so you can enjoy the day too. One last thing, let these warm up just a bit to get a more rewarding drinking experience.

Guinness - Plain and simple this will be the easiest to find. It is everywhere and it is not half bad. While it is good, it can also stand in as the stout of last resort due to its ubiquitous nature. (P.S. If you can get the foreign extra version, go with that)

Murphy's Irish Stout - Guinness's #1 competitor, owned by Heineken this also has global presence. You should be able to find it in most places that sell import beer.

Sierra Nevada Stout - This is one of the easiest American craft beer stouts to find. National distribution means that this should be available in most respectable supermarkets. If your local store has a good craft selection then this should be available.

Young's Double Chocolate Stout - A blue bottled (or canned) beauty that should be available in most reputable beer stores or supermarkets.  (For a bit more fun mix it with Wells Banana Bread Beer.)

Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout - While it is starting to push the "challenging" boundary for drinking for novices it is the beer that revived the oatmeal stout style. Most likely you'll find this one in a decent beer store or a high end supermarket.

Lion Stout - This one will probably be a bit more challenging to locate than any of the others, but it is an examplar of the stout style and worth seeking out. If you have a Total Wine near you then they'll have this on the shelves. If you don't have one close then any top notch bottle shop should have this stocked also.

If you decide to go an alternative path then I recommend you drink local! Grab your favorite local craft brewery's best stout and enjoy. I'll be enjoying World Wide Stout by Dogfish Head. Remember to check in on Untappd to unlock your badge. Yours in the comments!

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