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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ahoy Matey! Its Redbeard and He is Bloody Good!

A few months ago, I set about a field trip to Staunton, VA to sample a small brewery in the foothills called Redbeard Brewing Company. A friend recommended it to me and so I set off one Saturday to investigate it. (He was a Raider fan, so I knew it had to be good!) When I found it, it was a little hole in the wall brewery that had really excellent beer.  The problem was figuring out how it was going to move it to market. Well, they have made it (courtesy of Meridian Pints Sour Pints Nights last week) and they, hopefully, are here to stay!

AM OG Stout by Redbeard Brewery
Much improved from the sampling I had some six months ago, the Redbeard Brewing Company, LLC (120 S Lewis St, Staunton, VA 24401 V: (804) 641-9340
Redbeard.Brewing/) is still small, listing itself as an LLC. I can imagine that is going to change in the near future. However, getting information on the web on a brewery this small is a bit of a challenge. (I think I made a similar call six months ago!) But I think this move to a larger market will push the brewery to adopt a larger footprint. We shall see!

On the night in question, I sampled three beers that Redbeard Brewing had brought up to Meridian Pint. The AM OG Stout, the Sweet Potato Pie Porter and the Moriarty Beam Aged. For the purposes of this review, I am going to focus mostly on the AM OG Stout. 

Sweet Potato Pie Porter - Redbeard Brewing
However, the other two represent tastes that can only be described as eloquent and you should try them out yourself. Sweet Potato Pie Porter will take you back inside you grandma kitchen during Thanksgiving when it is filled with uncles, aunts and cousins. The Moriarty Beam Aged is completely different taste experience. Outdoors, the wind blowing in your face, and this is the first your taste of alcohol to warm you up. Each is distinctive and you won't want to pass them up!

The AM OG Stout is a really good stout. So good that my review was about how amazed I was that is made it here, rather than about the beer!  This is a righteous brew and it is really a step up from your average stout. Soothing, nearly black color, slight head and an overwhelming taste just set you up for more. The only problem is that they don't have a brewer's expectation of what to think - everything is coming from the taster. However, AM OG Stout goes down nice and slow and since it is a stout, it is thick and rich to boot! 
Moriarty - Beam Aged - Redbeard Brewing

I gave it a score of 4.5 on Untappd.

Everything about this beer is a real pleasure and they should be very proud how it has turned out. I will be waiting for it, its just a matter of time. My lips smacking in anticipation!


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