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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Like, No Way, Dude! - California Common by Key Brewing

Like, you know, beer is like radically different, from like coast to coast. You know, because, ingredients were, like you know, never the same. And now the ingredients, dude, are coming back and they like have their California-cation put on them. Like their hops and their malt, its like totally integrated. So cool, they like have gone like full circle.

California Common - Key Brewing
Never, dude, was that truer than California Common by Key Brewing Company. The Key Brewing Company (Dundalk, MD) is a small brewery moving on up to the competition of big time breweries. The California Common, one of four beers that Key Brewing has responsibility for, is the first that this beer blogger has gotten his lips on and I can tell you that this beer and this brewery are set to go far.

A California Common (or Cali Common) is kind of an average beer. There have been a few Cali Commons and while they have all advanced a wheat taste, that is where they left it off.  The difference for Key Brewing's Cali Common is that they have picked up that taste and run with it.  The flavor is richer and tastier than in normal beer and just that flavoring make the Cali Common a fun beer and one worth a second round. The color is also darker, slightly and that makes it appear to be a beer ready for more than a first look.

For Untappd, I rated it this way: Pretty good California Common. Nice flavor, low hop count and reduced malt. It sounds reduced, but it is not. Just smooth goodness, Linda. 

I rated it a 4.25 on Untappd.

If you are going to be trying new beers after that holidays, this California Common by Key Brewers should be on that list. It may be a nice surprise.

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