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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Smuttlabs: Rouge de Shire

Smuttlabs Rouge De Shire
Last night, I started venturing back out to local brew houses with a vengeance. One week was spent in Utah and the spectacular Powder Mountain Resort and the second week was a real surprise - New York City (thank you, Linda!) and a preliminary celebration of my birthday. Now that things have simmered down a bit, I can begin to synthesize all that has gone on.

Now you might have noticed I shifted from three reviews down to one and even that one is more succinct. Well, I noticed that it was taking me three times long to write a longer review and it was taking me 1 1/2 times to write one review as it was three, so I am trying to write a quick review to get the word out and then perhaps go back to do a longer one. I will get this worked out somehow, but I am experimenting!

Smuttynose Brewing Company (Hampton, NH) came out with a special label some time ago call Smuttlabs. Smuttlabs took it upon themselves to experiment with different mixes and concoctions that deviated from the traditional Smuttynose Brewing Company. Rouge De Shire is one of those concoctions and it is a triumph. This is beautiful beer. Brewed with raspberries over oak chips, this has a nice subtle taste that lingers for a while. It has a long and graceful conclusion. If you are looking for a way to introduce and excuse your beer, this is the way to do it. It is really good.

Route De Shire is 4.9% ABV and no IBUs.


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