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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Brewer's Art - Resurrection

On Charles Street in Baltimore, you will find a wide range of ethnic food shops. Afghan, Nepalis, and Indian to name just a few. But in an old bank building, there stand the classic American staple - the beer bar.

The Brewer's Art (has been in the same location for a number of years, but you would never know it. Kind of a modern, run down decor, the Brewer's Art features a somewhat well kept forward beer area, a fine dining establishment and an absolutely weird basement. All three contribute to the Brewer's Art post-industrial art layout.

The Brewer's Art - Baltimore
The headline of The Brewer's Art is the number and diversity of its own beer. Running about 12-15 types, the quality of the beer is exceptional for restaurant draft beer. (I did just try The Brewer's Art in another restaurant as well.) I tried two beers on the night in question with Linda and both were very good. The one that gets the nod tonight is the Resurrection. A 7% ABV, Abbey-styled dubbel, the yeast "died" and was "resurrected." It comes with five types of barley malt and lots of sugar. The beer is quite strong and flavorful. The body has a distant taste of caramel, but it is not too distinct. This a wonderful sipping beer at one of the The Brewer's Arts underground tables - dark, poorly lit, and full of ambiance.



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