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Monday, March 26, 2012

Beer links for March's end and the World's Best Beer!

We are bringing March to a close. I don't know about you but frankly this month flew by. Let's get right to it. 

In the News!

Here's an idea, how about make a better beer. I believe the real battle will begin when the colossi finally get back to their roots. 
Another beer to add
to the wish list.
(original here)

There is still a war on homebrewing whether it is blue laws or corporate interests. Good for Wisconsin, though it should have never been an issue to start with. 

Our sisters and brothers to the north drink strong. 

Nice article about cellaring. I never even thought to use the crawl space. Good pro tip there. 
We’ll be keeping our eyes open on this for our next gluten-free round up in a few months. In the meantime,  check out the Rudy and my verdicts from last week.

Almost a thousand years of existence will get you these kind of things. If I had a lot more money and time I would organize the my own best beer championships.

Yay for Oberon! I will pick up a sixer of it.

The Cap City one has perked my interest. How have I missed this over the years?

We aren't talking Syria either.

The Art of the Growler (
Growlers are awesome. If you aren't using them I weep for you. 
We talk about the big brewers but maybe we need to take a closer look at the whole beer industrial complex. 

In Site News!

We recorded a podcast the other day! Look for it this week if Dan can break away from his romancing long enough to edit it. While waiting you can expect Brian's non-skiing Pennsylvania adventure, a few spring seasonal beer reviews and the Spring Seasonal monthly round up. 

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