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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Return to Chambersburg (or Microbrewery Questing Part 2)

So, it was time to return to the slopes for one more attempt at winter sports before this period between the formal close of Fall and the beginning of Spring (formally know as Winter, but not this year) decides to end.  For the wife and boys, it meant a return to ski and snowboard and for me it meant another shot at the Roy Pitz brewery in Chambersburg.  It was a beautiful morning, but the hills were pretty green, as we got closer to the resort.  Snow machines got some whiteness on the trails, but it’s not what I would call a winter wonderland.

After getting the troops dropped off, I headed out across hill and dale to Chambersburg for the Roy Pitz establishment.  After the travails of the last adventure, I had a pretty good mental map to work from and only made one wrong turn.  I found my land mark sign (“Roy Pitz is around the back” and parked.  Again, the intersection Sunday in a state with Blue Laws worked against me and the place was CLOSED. 

Well, what to do.  I pulled out my “Find Craft Beer” app and located a place in Hagerstown, MD called the Schmankerl Stube. Schamkerl Stube is a Bavarian restaurant (with the usual Spaten sign out front) with fairly typical Bavarian menu.  Now I like pork as much as the next guy, but today it just didn’t hit the spot.  Next door is a place called the Bull and Bear pub, which featured a more nouveau American menu and a healthy set of taps.

Bulls and Bears was really the right choice.  I opted to sit at the bar for a change.  Another good choice.  The bartender, Nick, was very pleasant and knowledgeable and picked out a nice draft that had just been swapped in.  The Peak Organic Hops Noir had a nice healthy head, good aroma and the middling body of a Black IPA.  Very tasty, both as a sipping beer and to go with my meal, which was a stuffed burger of goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes and basil between two beef patties with sweet potato fries and a mango based dipping sauce.  The experience rocked.  Next up was a Lagunitas IPA from the tap.  Great citrus taste with a little snap in the flavor that really complimented to food and was an unexpected pleasure.  Prices were reasonable and Sundays are all day Happy Hours (bring you closer to God).  I am writing this piece from one of their bar rounds right now.  If you are in Hagerstown, pay them a visit.

Still haven’t landed the Roy Pitz Brewery, but there is still some winter left.

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