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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our last spring seasonal...or is it?

All right I'm horrible at secrets. It isn't our last spring seasonal before the month ends. I'll be running at least two more spring seasonal reviews before the calendar moves into April. I just can't do it tonight. I had a few too many liters of good German beer at Cafe Mozart with my work colleagues to do more than one review tonight.

On to the review!

Our candidate tonight is Blue Point Brewing Company's Spring Fling Ale.

It is labeled as a copper ale and that is a pretty apt descriptor of the beer. It poured a clear copper color, with a decent head that dissipated fairly quickly. On the drink it had some hop bite that carries through and good carbonation but all that yields to a copper aftertaste. Similar to sucking on a penny.  That coppery aftertaste disappeared quickly though leaving a slight dryness in the mouth.

This is a smooth drinker, with enough character to see you through a night or sharing with friends but not really noteworthy. It comes in at 6% ABV so there is a little attitude to it for a spring seasonal.  I put forth that it is worth picking up and trying at least once but I don't know if I will be making a return trip.

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