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Monday, April 2, 2012

April showers us with beer links!

April is here, spring is in full swing, and we get to look at a whole new style of beers. This month is dedicated to all the delights of Belgian style brews. Before all that though, let's look at the news. 

In the News!

SaveOnBrew.Com Offers Tips For How To Save On Beer During a Recession (Houston Chronicle)

It is a press release but I think I will have to check this out and see what it says for this area. My beer spending hasn't dipped, I think it increases every month.

Now this is a well done April Fools joke. The funny thing is people would probably queue up to drink this. 

Hey festival organizers! Pay attention, there are lessons to be learned here. 

'Beer goggles' fool women the most: Scientists discover why people are more attractive after a few drinks (Daily Mail)


Italian beers next on the craft beer scene (Nation's Restaurant News)
Soon we will be unlocking the Italian badge on Untappd. I'll just wait until I go over to visit my brother in Italy.

Brewing a love for beer... through swag (Minnesota Public Radio)
This is worth checking out!

I will be getting my button! All you DC metro people should get one too!

In Site News!

So I am in training all this week making a crazy commute so things might be light this week but you can expect an article from Sarah tomorrow on the home brewing, I'll close out Spring Seasonal month and formally introduce Belgian month, we will talk about the March Madness winnter, and we may try to record episode 9 of the JGF beercast. So stick around it is going to be an excellent month. 

Want to see the latest and greatest with the brackets? Then go here!

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