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Monday, April 23, 2012

Beer links and a belated Earth Day message

This was the first image when
I searched Google for Beer Earth Day.
I don't know what it means but
I know that I like it (Original here)
We didn't have an Earth Day write up, I blame myself for missing it, but to be honest I probably would have gotten a little preachy and would have to be bludgeoned off my soapbox. So instead here is the Reader's Digest version. Being a good steward of the Earth should be a no brainer for beer drinkers. Without proper management of resources we can't make beer and as we all know without beer our civilization will fall apart. So there is your Earth day message, take care of the planet so we can continue drinking awesome beer.

In the News!

Alabama bans beer brand over dirty name on label (KJRH – NBC Channel 2)
Their loss because that is a pretty solid Founders brew.

More New Orleans restaurants improve beer offerings (
I was at the Chart House in Alexandria this last weekend with my wife and her parents. The restaurant was all proud of their wine list. "The best in DC," our waiter assured us. I would have been more impressed if they would have had one local or regional beer behind the bar. Chart House fix your beer selection! Anyway good for New Orleans!

More women making and drinking beer (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
This brewing thing used to be a woman's game a long time ago. It is good to see a re-emergence.

A Growing Wealth of Craft Beer For Houston (KUHF-FM)
Someday in the near future I'm going to have to do the brew drive through Texas.

On Tap: A battle brews over beer (Albany Times Union)
This has been a reoccurring theme for awhile. Something is going to have to give.

Enraged beer theft suspect rams minimart, flattens gas pump (
Here is your weekly dose of beer crime.

Top10 spring beers (Fox News)
We could have used this last month, but it is still Spring so bock out to your heart's content. Which reminds me I never did recap March. Look for a double recap soon!

A new exhibition of Mesopotamian artefacts shows the golden history of beer drinking (The Australian)
This would be pretty cool to see. If you are hanging around Melbourne, Australia then check it out and let us know how it was!

Devil’s Backbone beer arrives in Northern Virginia (Washington Post)
Huzzah! More good Virginia beer to choose from!

A giant hop for mankind (Sydney Morning Herald)

Cold beer: Worth a million years? (Clarksville Leaf Chronicle)
We close out with a reminder to recycle those bottles folks!

In Site News!

We are in the last full week of Belgian beer month so look for one more review this Wednesday. Tomorrow you can expect my write up on the LivingSocial Beerfest event this last Sunday (Spoiler: It was wet.) Thursday I'll deliver on the other half of the Belgian beer definition that should have showed up last week. (I blame my in-laws since they were in town.)

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  1. Beer and bad weather, just read that 1 dead and several injured when a storm blew through and 200+ people were under a beer tent, glad we did not experience this at the LivingSocial Beerfest.