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Monday, April 16, 2012

Beer Links for the first hot day!

It is hot out here in Virginia today, a teaser of the sweltering summer that is right around the corner. To prepare I drank the remaining bottle of last year's Shiner Ruby Redbird which by coincidence is back on the shelf at the local supermarket. 

In the News! 
If we were in the blogging game a year ago
I'm sure that would have been the metaphor.
(Original here)
The Honk Heard Round The World: Goose Island One Year After The Sale (The Chicagoist) If you read just one article on these links then this is the one! 

Beer and wine wholesalers behind legislators pushing controversial voter ID laws (The Huffington Post) Beer and Politics two things that have always been connected. 

UPDATE: AB InBev Pays $1.24B For Control Of Dominica's CND (Wall Street Journal) CND is Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana. If you have been hanging around here for awhile this is not a surprise. 

SABMiller eyes $2.5 billion in Africa investment (Reuters) Same theme different day. 

A clear favorite for beer: Beer can come in many packages (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle) Sometimes I daydream at my desk what will be the next revolutionary beer container... 

Atlanta’s craft beer scene is booming (Atlanta Journal Constitution) I was just down there last week, I did not nearly have enough time to sample the many fine selections up and coming in Georgia. 

Local brewers finding success as craft beer sales increase nationwide ( I think I have said this before but it is worth repeating. Sometimes I get a bit sad because I just can’t keep up with the firehose of new beer. 

Beermakes men smarter, researchers say (Winnipeg Free Press) Thank you SCIENCE! Some of my best writing comes under the influence…that’s not saying much though. 

Beer community honors memory of brewer with ale (Wausau Daily Herald by way of the Coloradoan) Very cool tribute beer for a very cool beer guy. I may have to buy an old mine for beer storage. 

In site news! 
So I was traveling last week and doing lots of home maintenance so our NCAA beer tourney winner slipped through the cracks. I'll solve that tomorrow. On Wednesday we look at more Belgian style brews, maybe Wits or Dubbels, depends how I feel when I wake up that morning. In the latter part of the week you can expect some scintillating counterpoint to Brian's take on what a Belgian beer is. There is also a rumor that we may record episode 9 this week of the Beercast so stick with us! 

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