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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Here is our winner!

Now that we have had a few days (make that over two weeks) for people to realize or care that the Kentucky Wildcats as the winner of this year's NCAA Men's basketball tourney it is time to introduce the winner of our first annual NCAA beer tourney. We took the easy route this year, pairing up beers with their respective teams, next year we may give you a vote to see who is the popular favorite versus the one decided by an orange bouncing ball. Without further ado I present the winner:

Alltech Brewery Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale
(Original here)

Now that we have gone through that what does it all mean. Well here is the deal, over the next few months we will do the following things:

  • We are going to track this down, taste, drink, and review it.
  • We are going to talk to the brewers about their winner.
  • We are going to visit the brewery.

If you have any insight on these things let us know in the comments. Otherwise we will keep you posted!

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