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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beer links by the baker's dozen!

Thirteen beer links strung together for your enjoyment. Let's get to it!

In the News

Civil War beer returns to market (Washington Post)
The Civil War was the first historical event to capture my imagination when I was a kid. I will track down all 9 of these as they become available.
I could have went with bull testicles but I figured
I would keep it classy.  (Original found here)

Revival of historic beer (Mountain-Ear Newspaper)
Historical beers always have a place in my heart. I think it may be time to have a favorite historical beer group post.

Colorado brewery creates beer flavored with bull testicles; Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout is made with 25 lbs of roasted bull gonads. (New York Daily News)
When April Fool's jokes become reality. I will be trying this beer at GABF because you have to try every beer at least once.

Great American Beer Festival 2012: GABF Celebrates 31 Years Of Great American Craft Beer (PHOTOS) (Huffington Post)
I can’t tell you how excited I that's not true, I can and I will at the bottom of this post.

7 Beers to Try at the Great American Beer Festival (The Daily Meal)
I’m looking forward to everyone of these even the last one which may take some hustling.

Maryland Beer Fest coming right up (Baltimore Sun)
Fall beerfests are going on everywhere!

Snallygaster Brings Rare Fall Beers to Yards Park (Washington City Paper)
This would have been my alternative if GABF wasn't on the calendar.

Beer tourism: How far would you travel for a brew?
For sure to here.

Beer Bombs (
I always drank the beer in Fallout games because as long as you had RadAway you were ok.

The West Bank fetes Oktoberfest (Deutsche Welle)
This makes me happy. I love the unifying power of beer.

Reduced purchasing power hits beer consumption (Business Day)
More of a global perspective but things like this are scary for macro breweries.

Sustainable agriculture tackles challenges in beer production (The Guardian)
This is worth taking the time to read and understand what is necessary to continue to produce our favorite beverage because it can be environmentally intensive.

Alabama poised for craft beer boom (
I first noticed this when I was at the Music City Brewers Fest in July. The southern scene continues to rise.

In Site News

With Oktoberfest month now finally over we launch into pumpkin beers and ciders for the remainder of October. For me those those styles always shout out fall to me both in appearance and flavor. The colder, crisper days play to the apple and pumpkin flavors. Expect our first pumpkin ale review tomorrow night.

The big news though is the Great American Beer Festival which I will be covering as a one man army out in Denver from Friday till close on Saturday. I am beyond excited. Look for my preview on Thursday and stay tuned with updates on Untappd, Twitter, and Facebook. You can link in with all of those by clicking on the widget in the top right corner. As always thanks for stopping in!

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