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Monday, October 22, 2012

10 Beer links for the latter part of October

We haven't done the beer news lately so let's dive in!

In the News!
(Original found here)

Imagine the Drunken Emails You’ll Send With a Beer Can Keyboard (
This could be a case where you could become to drunk to type.

Pink saison and hot beer (Washington Post)
The release for this is at the Church Key Wednesday evening. I'll be there.

Latino Beer Sales Hint At Economic Recovery Among Hispanics (Huffington Post)
Beer consumption and purchase is a fascinating economic indicator. One day we will have to explore it.

Craft Brewers Global – Salone del Gusto (
Now this would be an awesome event to talk my way into.

A little beer is there in the Brahms, says Grand Rapids Symphony’s guest pianist (
Time for a bit of culture. Also I bet Brahms like a pint or two.

Tacoma dispensary busted for marijuana beer (Seattle Times)
I wonder what the flavor profile is on this.

County parks plan would use beer garden money for maintenance projects (Business Journal)
Beer in service of government. This could be a Parks and Rec storyline.

More Filipino women beer drinkers than men, says Radio Veritas study (Inquirer News)
Some interesting statistics in this.

Brown’s beer: Dodgy pints are the Achilles heel of the craft beer revival (London Loves Business)
Quality control of the product is important. Bad pints are bad business!

Brooks on Beer: The 10 most common beer defects (San Jose Mercury News)
But if you do get a bad pint this primer will help guide on why it sucks.

In site news!

Look forward to a final wrap up of GABF and what it all means, more reviews on pumpkin ales, and a look at some ciders. Also part 1 of the Mother Earth Brewing Company interview will be up at the end of the week. This coming Saturday I'll be at the Annapolis Craft Beer and Music Festival, if you see me say hi. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping in!

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