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Monday, February 27, 2012

A leaping edition of Beer links!

I found no actual leap day
 beers, just this label.
I'm rather disappointed.
(Original here)

If I was a craft brewer or even a half way decent homebrewer I would brew a leap beer, available only on February 29. The real question would be what type of beer it should be? My first thought was it should be something that would be able to age up from one leap day to the next. My second thought was completely opposite. Make it something so fresh and perishable it has to be enjoyed immediately; after all you may not make the next leap day. On that note…

In the News!

Dogfish’s Noble Rot blurs line between wine and beer (Washington Post)
I had this at Brewvival; it was different, acidic, and crisp.

A new era in beer making (The Journal)
I could make an entire post about new breweries coming on line. Hell this blog could be strictly dedicated to that. 

Clumsy waiter filmed showering German chancellor Angela Merkel in beer (The Telegraph)
I want to know if the guy that bumped into the tray ever apologized. 

Man’s Beer Can Collection a Museum (WCVB TV 5 – ABC)
Field trip time

Brewer backs Marathon, hops for ‘26.2’ beer (Boston Herald)
I know when I ran my marathon many years ago a beer was not the first thing on my mind when I finished. Race spectators or participants let us know how this tastes in April.

Alabama beer advocacy group asking Legislature to allow larger containers (The Birmingham News)
These people don’t realize how much they are missing out…well the advocacy group does. Read the comments below the article, it is worth it.

AlcoholRegulations Roundup: February 27, 2012 (
I posted the Alabama link and then found this. This may just be the ticket for blue law tracking from here on out!
I’ve never had North Korean beer, but on everything I have read about North Korea I’m thinking Pabst is probably a real step up.I do find it funny that Snoopy and Pabst are leading the charge. 

Brewvival serves awesome ales and big fun (Charleston City Paper)
Fun event with some excellent rare beers. Read our take on Brewvival later this week!

Sunoco Gives Customers a Reason to Look Forward to Filling Up (CNBC)
If this comes to Virginia or Maryland Sunocos then I may have a new favorite gas station.

Rick Santorum’s Beer Money (Mother Jones)
It is always interesting to see where the money is coming from and how much it can buy. In this case quite a bit. 
Shelby deputies break up teen beer party, issue 46 citations,oldest person there was 20 (The Republic)
Here is your weekly dose of beer crime...teenager edition.

Beer Diet – Dream or Dietary Disaster (
The article is rather misleading and short. 
In Site News!

First off a thanks to Sarah for keeping this thing running with posts over the weekend while I gallivanted around the Carolinas. Thanks Sarah you rock socks!

This week you will finally find out Brian’s five favorite beers and his beer adventure in Pennsylvania, we’ll talk about our Brewvival experience, and we finish out stout month with some classics. On the JGF Beercast  we recorded our first "live" beer round table this last weekend, we will have it posted by the middle of this week. 

As always, you can find us on a variety of forums; facebookuntappedtwitter, and google+, the widget in the top right corner of the page will take you where you want to go. We really appreciate it when you comment.

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Thanks for stopping by! 

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