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Monday, February 13, 2012

Serving up some Valentine's beer links

In the News!

Chocolate beer for Valentine's Day: Kansas City falls in love (Los Angeles Times)

Sounds absolutely delightful. Last I checked nobody was lining up outside the door for Bud Lite Platinum. 

State senate resolution looks at how breweries affect local economy (Republican Herald)

Craft breweries continue to be a shining beacon in a dreary economy. 

Top hit on Google images for
"Valentine's Day Beer"
Get your own right here.
It Appears That I Was Very, Very Wrong About Canned Beer (The Atlantic)
Don’t feel bad, a lot of people were wrong, even me.

Interesting article about the dark side of alcohol.

I think here is where small micro / nano breweries can really fill a void.

Zimbabwe mermaids appeased by traditional beer ritual (Global Post)

Once again, beer proves itself to be the answer.

Beer wars to toughen with SABMiller’s new Mbarara plant (Daily Monitor)

Our continuing coverage of macro beer opening markets in Africa.

'We'll water down your beer': Tory's plan to cut binge drinking (The Mirror)

Personally I don’t think watering down the beer is going to curb the English binge drinking problem. I think the problem is a bit more systemic than that.

Brewery officials say N.H.regulations hinder growth (Seacoast Online)

Sort of shocked by the limits imposed by New Hampshire on brewing. I think it may be time to do a top ten list and bottom ten list on state beer regulations.

For the Bigs it is all about market share and capitalizing on potential growth. Innovation? Well not so much. 

How Old Milwaukee Gamed the SuperBowl (Business Week)

Have the Will Ferrell ads been a success? Are they driving sales? I want to know. I do know that they were cheap to do. 

I may have to try a few of these at some point, but right now there is still to many crafts I want to try straight up. 

In site news!

Expect some beer love for Valentine's Day tomorrow when Sarah shares her five favorite beers and I drink a Brooklyn Valentine and talk about it. There may be a JGF beercast this week if everything works out and we will review a few stouts too. The big news though is our interview with those Mississippi cats from Lucky Town Brewing. We will be posting it on Thursday and Friday, so stay tuned. 

As always you can follow us in a variety of formats by clicking on the icons in the top right corner. We appreciate comments of all types, encourage healthy debate (it's good for the soul) and if you have any suggestions or recommendations, well we want to hear them.

Thanks again for stopping in!

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