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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beer links to fight off the return of the heat

Make it through the next 36 hours and we get another respite from the relentless heat and humidity. Here is your safety tip. Enjoy your beer but make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of water too.

In the News!

(Original found here)

What’s on Tap: Debunking beer slogans (
A fun little article with some nice little facts.

Touchdown! Local craft beer to be served at Houston Texans games – and that’s just the start. (CultureMap Houston) I may have to find out when the Packers are playing the Texans and make a trip to Houston. Who is in?

Czech Republic Makes Beer with Gold + Encourages Beer Bathing (
I knew about the bathing from a Michael Palin travel documentary.

Brewing Issue: What Beer Should the President Drink? (CNBC)
Which ever one the President wants. Rule #3 Beer is personal, drink what you like.

Biz: A Beer Tax Cut? (5280)
It probably wouldn't hurt too much to give a tax break to the part of the economy that is booming.

Great Lakes releases Sumeria beer details (
Folks, I love a historical brew. I think this would be awesome to try.

Beer documentary to premiere this month (
Someone in "the Queen City" review this!

Proposed tax might curb UK beer imports (Financial Times)
A shame for the UK market.

Stay At Petra Guest House, Drink A Beer At The World’s Oldest Bar (
Your travel opportunity of the week. I would so like to do this.

Sip this world-class beer straight from the tallboy (
Can aficionados unite! I'm going to have to track this down and try it right from the can.

AB InBev fights Belgian idea of beer packaging ‘monopoly’ on colour blue (
I'm surprised AB InBev hasn't done this tactic to someone else first.

How far does Texas beer reach? (
Texas is almost uniquely suited to be the recipient of a lot of craft brews from around the country. Not enough of them make it out of the state though.

Beer has legally become an alcoholic beverage in Russia (The Voice of Russia)
The lottery ticket thing made me laugh.

Vendors cash in on legalized higher alcohol-content beers (Natchez Democrat)
Your latest Mississippi beer update.

In Site News!

The big news is that Jolly Good Fellows is going to the 2012 Great American Beer Festival. We received our media credentials late yesterday afternoon. That gives us about three months to plan, coordinate, stress out, and create outlandish expectations! If any of you are going to be there let us know so we can meet up, drink a pint, and share stories.

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