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Monday, July 2, 2012

Beer links for Freedom!

It’s July and we have a holiday smack dab in the middle of the week. Happy Independence Day everyone! I prefer my holidays adjacent to the weekend, but I’ll gladly take a midweek break this time of year. 

In the News!

Top Ten Beers To Have At A July Fourth Barbecue (San Francisco Chronicle)
It's a bit New York biased, but to each their own.

Best Beer in America Results: Hoppy Beers Continue to Reign + California Brewers Clean Up (
Someday we will get over the hop craze and equilibrium of flavor will occur.

(original found here)
Ala. Brothers Bring Award-Winning Beer Back Home ( 
I wonder if Alabama legislators realize what they are missing out on regarding craft brewing.

Beer makes a better ethanol (Western Farm Press)
Interesting article on several fronts, environmental, energy, and our favorite beverage.

Patron’s toast new Mississippi beer law; alcohol limit raised (Jackson Clarion Ledger)
It's official, a little bit of light has crept in. 

Illinois beer consumption drops (The Southern Illinoisan)
Check out the numbers for the other Midwest states.  Thirsty folks.

American craft beer finds burgeoning market in Europe (Public Radio International)
Do you think we are keeping old guard brewers awake at night?
Get beer qualified: Experiment by pairing favorite beer and food (Army Times)
Next time I go to Fort Benning I will be going to the Cannon!

Could Pakistan beer take edge of relations with India? (Los Angeles Times)
Beer diplomacy? I will say I really want to go to Pakistan and interview these guys.

To make beer, MillerCoors helps farmers save water (MSNBC)
Smart business move. Water conservation will be crucial for continued brewing success.

World’s first self-chilling beer cans to hit UK markets (India Today)
What's the over/ under on how fast this fad fades away?

New Va. Law allows breweries to serve beer by the glass (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
Yay! This is rather exciting!

In Site News!

We were trucking along pretty well until we got smacked around by the storm of Friday night which put a kibosh on all the power in my house. Power is back so you can expect the conclusion to the Borg Brugghus interview tomorrow.

Since Independence Day falls on Wednesday excessive partying may not be in the cards but we have you covered since Rudy and I have sampled an assortment of non-alcoholic beers and will have our report out on the morning of July 4 to let you know if any of them are worth your time.

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