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Monday, July 23, 2012

Beer links for the week of July 23rd!

Let's get right to it!

In the News!
Narragansett Releases a Throwback 1975 Can, Asks ‘Jaws’ Fans to #CrushItLikeQuint (  I may have to track down a can of Narragansett just to crush it.

ThaiBev move forces Heineken hand (Financial Times)
The Asian market like the African market is quickly being gobbled up. 

“Make beer, not war,” brewers urge prime ministers (Copenhagen Post)
Another opportunity for beer diplomacy.

Oktoberfest beer guide: Seasonal lager best by the liter (
Can't believe fall seasonals are right around the corner. 

The Breastfest Beer Festival for charity in San Francisco (Washington Times)
Great cause with great beer!

Want A Beer? Pass A Pregnancy Test First (
This is a little ridiculous

Five Points World of Beer scheduled for October opening ( /Birmingham News)
Birmingham residents rejoice!

This man is on a crusade. (Original here)
Mututho seeks beer ban in the election week (Standard Media News)
Fascinating article on Kenyan politics and beer.

As It Loses to Spirits, Brewing Industry Aims to Revive Brand Beer (Advertising Age)
This is the big guys trying to recover. Craft beer is like Pandora's box to them. They can't shut it down. 

Farm-to-glass beer-making: Rouben’s farm-fresh beers (The Republic / Chicago Tribune)
Very cool idea. Has anybody tried the various results? How were they?

Top 10 summer beers (Fox News)
More choices for your summer refreshment.

Brewers predict heady times if state eases limits (Houston Chronicle)
In the end it will be the increased tax revenue that the craft industry brings in that will ease limits.

Deputies: 1,300 Cases of Corona Beer Stolen (
That's a lot of dimp.

New Glarus Brewing bottles love for Wisconsin (
I'm happy to say that I'll have my New Glarus resupply this coming weekend!

In Site News!
I'll be down in Nashville this coming weekend, more on that later, but before we get there look for another round of summer seasonal reviews and wine store recommendations for growing your beer selection. 

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