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Monday, July 9, 2012

Beer links that beat the heat

The heat wave has broken here in Virginia. While we enjoy the cooler weather for a few days, it is time to get caught up on the latest beer news.

In the news!
Original and more info found here at the Herald Sun

A new beer a day? You bet (Sydney Morning Herald)
This article should make you appreciate what we have in the States.

Beer output flattens (Fond du Lac Reporter)
The craft beer bubble gets a mention, though I don't think it bursts yet for awhile. 

Beer canning goes mobile (San Mateo Daily Journal)
Now this is a clever business. 

Brewing a New Beer Scene in London (New York Times)
It is time to pack our bags and head over to London. 

Start-up unable to find a place to brew beer in D.C. (Washington Post)
A sign of a problem for the District beer scene? I wonder why he didn't look outside of the beltway.

Local beermaker brews derecho-inspired beverage (WTOP 103.5 FM)
Now that I have power back I am very excited about this. 

From craft beer to crafting new laws (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
This is one way of effecting positive change for beer.

Calling all beer professionals: MBAA brings Beer Steward Seminar to Portland (
We may have to come up with a strategy to cover the World Beer Congresss

Maybe against the giants, but the little guys may eventually slay then with a death of a thousand cuts. 

This deal was huge and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. 

I wonder what the ideal weight is...

In site news!

Expect a return of summer brew reviews on Wednesday. As for the rest of the week well we will figure that out when we get there! 

Thanks for stopping in!

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